Our Participants

Helio's participant community now consists of over 500,000 individuals who are eager to provide your company with feedback.

Note: Helio participants aren't professional testers; they are individuals willing to give you a moment of their time, and they are awarded with micro-payments as a small "thank you" for their time and effort.

There are three ways you can tap into Our Participants. In a Pro account, you have access to a Basic Audience of Helio participants and a Targeted Audience of Helio participants. In an Enterprise account, you also have access to Advanced Audiences.

Helio Participants

Basic Audiences provide you with a random sample of participants from our community, and are great for high volume surveys with widespread consumer products or ideas. Test with 200, 500, or even 1,000 participants to get the volume of feedback you need!

Use the "Create Test" action on your Audience page to begin creating a test with Basic Audience, or choose "Basic" from the audience options on the test creation page.

Targeted Helio Participants

Targeted Audiences allow you to target participants based on their geographic and demographic information. The 5 types of demographics you can target are:

  • Location will depend on the amount of participants you want to gather feedback from. The majority of Helio's participants reside in North America, with strong communities in Europe, South Asia, and South America as well. If you are in need of a more specific geographic region, we may be able to target them with an Advanced Audience.

  • Gender will allow you to target your participants based on whether they self-identified as male or female. We can also source non-binary participants through an Advanced Audience.

  • Age will provide you with targeting of groups between the ages of 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+.

  • Education allows targeting based on 4 education levels: Less than High School, High School Graduate, College Graduate, and Postgraduate.

  • Income provides 3 general buckets for targeting: under $40k USD per year, $40k to $100k per year, and more than $100k per year. If you need to get more specific, we can target a narrower range of income with an Advanced Audience.

Use the "Create Test" action on your Audience page to begin creating a test with targeted Helio participants, or choose "Targeted" from the audience options on the test creation page.

If you have selected too many targeting criteria, Helio will provide an error message that lets you know we don't have enough participants in that specific demographic to fulfill your request.

Advanced Audiences

With an Enterprise account, our Helio Advocates work with your team to build Advanced Audiences that are targeted based participants' behaviors, responsibilities, and preferences.

Advanced Audiences that you currently have access to can be found above the general Helio participants on the Audience page.

Note: Advanced Audiences that are still being prepared for you will show as "Audience Building" on the right hand side.

After an Advanced Audience has been added to your account, use the "Create Test" action to begin creating a test with that group, or check the "Use more than one audience" option in the top right corner to select multiple audiences that you would like to test with.

You can also choose "Advanced" from the audience selection options on a test you have already begun.

Below your active audiences, you will also find recommended audiences that can be attached to your account for testing. Click "Add Audience" to reach out to our team about getting one of these audiences prepared.

On top of our recommended audiences, we can source for completely unique groups based on new attributes that you bring to the table. If you don't see an audience that you need, you can request an audience by reaching out to the Helio team. Check out our audience build process, and feel free to reach out to learn what Advanced Audiences we can put you in touch with!

Note: Recommended Audiences are available for immediate use once they are connected to your account. Requested Audiences will require an audience build session to determine when the audience will be ready for use.

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